Saturday, February 16, 2008

Reviving My First Love

I know it has been a very loooooong time since I posted here and I even have not posted much before taking a break.

I've been busy hatching other blogs that I seem to have left this without warning.

I didn't mean to. Crypting has been one of my hobbies. It's my first love among hobbies, so to speak. I've created several but since I don't use them much, I've forgotten most of them. Only the handful "good" ones are still intact. "Good" as in they are not easy to decipher under untrained eyes but easy enough for the trained eyes that you can just read through the code to get the message and you don't have to write what you decipher so others can see what you're writing, otherwise the code is useless. What if the person who just glanced upon what you wrote down as the message is a double-crosser? Ahh...too much espionage, I guess. :D

Anyway, I just would like to let you know I'll be back to regularly post in this blog. I'm just thinking of something that can breathe life into it. :)

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