Thursday, February 24, 2011


As I was on my way to pick up the tarpaulin banner, I took out my pen and notebook to get ready for something. I did not know what I would be writing or scribbling. I just let my thoughts wander for awhile until the wind blowing my face almost lulled me to sleep. Then I was daydreaming about a snake slithering, sending a coded message...

DUSCAT Code was born. It looks nothing like a slithering snake, though. I just told the story about what happened. Below is the sample:


The reason it's named DUSCAT is because those are the only letters you can and will use. When you understand the concept, you won't even need a cheat sheet. When deciphering, though, you'll need some logic applied. It's decipherable. As I have always insisted, the codes I create must be usable without having to use any cheat sheet. It must follow some logic so you can get it in your head. Yet to someone who has no idea, the message is hidden.

This is good for situations where you are in public and wanted to write something but definitely would not want anyone else to read. Or, a note passed from one person to another but the people in between should not know save the target.

Do you think you can decipher this?

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