Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Number Crunch

Number Crunch is the easiest set of cipher I use. Up until now I use it, not anymore to hide what I write about since many do know about it now, but to assign PIN numbers to my ATMs or passwords which become passnumbers instead.

Actually, a little brain crunch is sufficient to crack the code open and you'll be deciphering almost instantly. Practice is needed, though, to cipher or decipher like you're using the alphabet.

Yesterday, I got to know someone who visited one of my websites at http://ceefive.i.ph and particularly commented on one of my posts about ciphers. His site is http://manuelviloria.com which I came to frequent after that comment incident replying to my post, UNDERSTANDING the message I enciphered using the Number Crunch.

It was like fresh blood running through my veins, envigorating my hungry brains with exchanging of ciphered messages I haven't done in a couple of decades! (Back then I had a 'playmate' who would give me some pieces to decipher at the spur of the moment using a new set of codes but would normally be classified as cryptograms, but in images, not letters.)

I've thought of creating this blog some weeks ago but the idea got cemented only after that exchange with Manuel Viloria. Thanks to him! :)

So back to the Number Crunch. Try this:

208919 318251620 31514199192019 15141225 142113251819 1144 162114320211209151419. 231892020514 914 208919 1311414518 7922519 2085 18514518 1 16185202025 81184 209135 1991435 15145 1352020518 3114 25 18516185195142054 225 15145 1518 202315 142113251819.

I say this is easy but it needs some patience. For the logical thinkers, it's normal to think that the alphabet can be represented by numbers. The logical sequence will be easily brought to mind, thus A=1 and Z=26...BUT...with the Number Crunch, you have to decide which numbers stand together and which ones stand alone. If I wrote 9     12 15 22 5     25 15 21, that's easy. But if I write it as 9 1215225 251521, that gets a bit tough.

Try to decipher and put your answer as a comment.


Anonymous said...

this is my answer to the problem.

"this crypt consist only numbers and punctuations. written in this manner gives the reader a pretty hard time,since one meter can be represented by one or two numbers."

Anonymous said...

"i love you"