Tuesday, February 27, 2007


At last! I'm going to blog about one of my favorite hobbies. A passion I've had since high school days. A result of introversion, boredom, and secrecy.

I was an introvert. I still am, somehow. My extrovert side is learned. Planned. Effortful. Good thing there is this technology called the internet which I was blessed to be familiar with since 1995. The monitor is my shield. Typing is my expression. I'm not good in speaking. At least that's how I evaluate myself. I used to say my pen is mightier than my tongue since I can express better in writing than in voicing my sentiments or even explaining simple things. If women were blessed with talking abilities, I guess I was just trickled with it.

Before the existence of PCs to the general public I always had a paper notebook and pen with me. My memory is not that efficient so I write things down. My mind is always busy with things to think about. Mostly with new ideas. I create. I'm usually bored with what's available so I try to make things better or create something new.

I got a lot of ideas but I was timid to let others know about them. I compose poems but I do not want others to read them (that was before). So I write them in ciphers. I do not have to worry then that my public transport seatmate or my classmate or anyone near me would have any inkling as to what I wrote about.

I could have stayed with the simplest code I use (up until now) but being easily bored, I created others.

Now that I'm not that introvert anymore but still passionate about ciphers and crypts and codes that I even buy Cryptograms puzzle books.

It is my purpose to share that part of me...

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