Thursday, March 1, 2007

Musical Cipher

The Musical Cipher was developed sometime a year ago when I wanted to send a message to someone who's got the brains and understands music (a piano player), so a music sheet, though handwritten at that time, will not raise any doubt.

You've got to know the basic technicalities of writing music to code this. Reading it (the message enveloped within) only needs intellect, though. Rather, logic. The Musical Cipher is easier than the Dots, Dashes, and Slashes. That ought to be a relief. :D


ros said...

Finally I landed on your site...uyy maganda topic d2, mejo makakarelate ako...mejo lang ha! :)


ros said...

makapag dots dots dun sa gilid muna heheh

C5 said...

Ros! Thanks for dropping dun sa gilid-gilid, salamat din! :)

Talaga, nakaka-relate ka? Tell me about it! :)

Chuva Chienes said...

aba, may kagandahan at interesting itong site na to. galing mo naman seepayb!

di ko alam, mahilig ka pala sa misteryo..chienes!

mamamasyal muna ko sa hardin.. balik na lang ako mamya.

C5 said...

salamat Chuva sa dalaw mo at pitik! :D Balik lang uli ha ;)

Anonymous said...

eto n nga ang hinahanp q
post p po kau ng ibat ibang cipher para pabilsan ng pg-decipher.