Friday, March 2, 2007

Storyflow Cipher

Below is a story. Someone who does not know about the Storyflow Cipher will have no idea that there's a hidden message at all! I've used this with a childhood friend (we were teens when I developed this) and we wrote each other and exchange letters every week (we used to see each other every week when we went to Church).

What do you think?

Waking up late, close to noon, actually, my stomach grumbled searching for something it wants to grab so I made myself ready and went out to eat. I want something cold and hot...that's salad with hot chili! Then back to my unit.

I live in a condo. Everything's almost just within reach. I just have to either go up or go down. That's how small my world is.

I went to my postoffice box to check my mails, at the same time ask the info desk if someone asked for me or if someone left me a message. None. Where's my date? How come he didn't show up? Argghh...I'll date alone! No need to be prim and proper! :D Just my old self.

So I'll start with some shopping. Women love shopping. Though I can't stand staying too long shopping around because I get so excited and my stomach gets excited I'd need to go out at once otherwise I'll need a toilet! Do you have that kind of sickness? It's weird, I know. But when I go out, my stomach will ease up so I can get back in! That's one formula why I don't spend much. (Looking for the positive out of the negative!)

Ok, so what did I buy? Some groceries (my ref is full of water only!) and some chilis. I've been used to eating with hot peppers and I feel empty without a taste of it!

I forgot I had to drop a snail mail to my friend across the globe! I went back to the mail station to do that before I completely forget it and write all over again!

Argghhh!!! My memory needs upgrading!!! I forgot to buy some shampoo! Can't live without it and the last drop yesterday wasn't enough! Back to the grocery. Will have to leave the stuff I bought earlier at the info booth. Kinda heavy to bring back to the grocery store.

Ok, got my shampoo, and bathsoap, and toothpaste, and a box of tissues. Talk about impulse buying. Gotta go before my stomach complains again!

After picking up my stuff, I got hungry again but this time leisurely eating and chatting with my online friends...on bed... How much did my adcents grow? Let me check...

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